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I’m natalie lue

I show people how to stand up for themselves in a world where many of us are socialised to be people pleasers. Discover how listening to yourself along with values and boundaried-centred self-care can improve self-esteem, relationships, creativity and your sense of purpose in the world.

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I’m A Recovering People Pleaser

I, Natalie Lue, am a recovering people pleaser. Suppressing my needs, wants, expectations, feelings and opinions (people pleasing) is as natural to me as breathing. As a result, it's become part of my daily self-care to be conscious, aware and present about where and...

Being Open-Hearted About Boundaries and Change

Seth Godin has written about entering into something with an open mind and heart. I think it also contains a deeper message about the importance of getting behind the importance of boundaries. “It might not be warranted, but you won’t get far without it. Don’t bother...

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