The Joy of Saying No: Stop people pleasing, reclaim boundaries, and say yes to the life you want

Are you still playing a role you learned in childhood to please others, such as the Good Girl/Guy, the Overachiever, or the Helper? Do you save the word no for emergency situations only? Are you always putting others’ needs above yours even at the expense of your mental and physical health? Are you unable to deliver a guilt-free no even when you desperately want to establish a healthy boundary? If so, you are not alone. The Joy of Saying No is your ticket out of toxic patterns and into healthy relationships and experiences that foster more love, care, trust and respect.

People pleasing—putting others ahead of ourselves to avoid something negative or to get something we want or need—runs rampant in our society. Saying yes when we need, want to or should say no leaves us stuck in frustrating and destructive patterns. And when we don’t say yes authentically, we say it resentfully, which leads to more problems than if we’d said no in the first place.

The Joy of Saying No will help you identify your people-pleasing style and habits. A six-step framework then teaches you how to discover the healing and transformative power of no to:


  • establish healthier boundaries,
  • foster more intimate relationships and fulfilling experiences, and
  • reconnect with your values and authentic self.

Only by learning to say no – and sticking to it – can you lead a more fulfilling, joyful life.




Foreign language editions, including German, Brazillian and Dutch, will publish in 2023. I will update when these are available.