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nat lue with book

Hi, I’m Natalie and I’m an author, self-publisher, blogger and podcaster. I’ve been inspiring and teaching people online for over 13 years, and am the founder of Baggage Reclaim, a self-help blog aimed at helping people break the patterns that block them being in loving relationships and having healthy self-esteem.

I’ve authored five books – Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl, The No Contact Rule, The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship, 100 Days of Baggage Reclaim, and Love Care Trust and Respect – and have been featured in various places including BBC Radio London (also Tees and Kent), Mollie Makes, Sky News, LBC, Fabulous magazine, Cosmopolitan, New!, Look, Thought Catalog, The Voice Newspaper, a few chat shows, and more.

My journey from emotionally unavailable people pleaser with a chronic illness and bleak outlook, to raised self-esteem, a loving relationship, healthier relationships with family, motherhood and branching out on my own creatively, has served as inspiration to millions of people over the years. I am living proof that despite trauma and abandonment in childhood, along with years of hating and doubting myself, that we can go on to do the things that at one point, we thought would have to wait until we’d fixed ourselves and were ‘perfect enough’.

In March 2017, my father passed away and it awakened something else in me. I needed to pay attention to the whisperings, the niggles, the desire to expand but then not being sure what to do and how. With time on my hands to grieve and explore, I kept looking out for signs. I started to think that it was one of those super obvious things and yet, I couldn’t quite see it, so I decided to ‘get back to work’ after several weeks of discovering that I could indeed do less and feel far more fulfilled than when I was frazzled trying to do ‘everything’.

One day in June as I stood in the shower (great place for inspiration by the way), I realised that what lights me up, what I can’t get enough of, and where I feel a calling, is around the epidemic of people pleasing.

Just like back in August 2005 when I paid attention to the fact that I was continuously asked for my take on relationships and that people really identified with my struggle and how I overcame my past and various challenges, twelve years on, I’m in the same place, only this time, it’s about guiding people on how to own their creativity and how to work with their intuition and authenticity to lead happier, more harmonious lives.

I have a hell of a lot to say about our relationship with our inner self and how that, and specifically, the people pleasing habit, significantly impacts our relationship with creativity money, career and business.

When I deliver keynotes at conferences like Blogtacular (very cool conference aimed at creative bloggers and business owners), the audience is energised and deeply moved. I’m frequently asked to put on my ‘Baggage Reclaim hat’ and help people figure out their confidence, creativity, career and business potholes and I have to pay deeper attention to this.

My mission is to help as many people as possible to help themselves to become more of who they really are.

I want to do my little bit in the world to help people heal and to spread compassion and light.

I believe that women have an unparalleled opportunity to leave their footprints on the world. Let’s seize it.